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Facelift / Neck lift

Face and neck lifts are procedures which help correct aging facial skin by removing lax skin. Excessive sun exposure, weight fluctuation, smoking and genetics all contribute to skin changes that make us look old before we should. Aging skin loses its elasticity, and gravity pulls the skin of the face downward. The end result is the development of folds from the nose to the corners of the mouth, jowling, and loss of the angle between the chin and neck. The smooth jaw line is lost. The smooth transition between the upper lip and cheek is disrupted by a loose fold of skin. The fold becomes even more obvious with smiling. The descent of facial skin can be at least partly corrected by skin lifting or tightening procedures.

There is also loss of volume in many faces as they age. Fat atrophy (loss) is a common problem which makes skin sag even more. Volume can be restored by fat injection or fillers. Sometime fullness in the upper cheeks can be restored by moving fat that has sagged into the lower cheek back to its original location over the cheek bones.

Deep wrinkles and leathery skin seen in patients with severe sun damage will not respond as well to surgical “lifting” as skin that has been cared for over the years. The laxity can be improved, but deep wrinkles are not likely to disappear completely and will reappear sooner than in someone without sun damaged skin.

Skin incisions are made along the front of the ear, behind the ear, and in the hairline to allow undermining of the skin (separation of the skin from the underlying muscle layer). An incision can also be made in the crease under the chin to allow exposure and correction of the bands that develop below the chin and onto the neck. Fat in the neck can be removed through this incision. The redundant skin of the cheeks and neck is then removed along these incision lines, and the incisions closed to leave the scars in inconspicuous areas. ...(more info available with login)