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Liposuction is a procedure that removes fat beneath the skin surface using suction connected to metal tubing. The metal tube (cannula) has one or more holes near its tip to allow fat cells to be suctioned into the tubing. The fat cells are collected in a canister and then discarded.

The procedure is used to contour and reduce the fat layer beneath the skin surface. It is not a substitute for weight loss. If poor dietary habits persist, fat can still accumulate. Lifestyle changes are often required to help achieve the desired result. Some skin tightening is often seen, but is very dependent on skin elasticity. If fat is removed by liposuction the skin might sag subsequently if skin elasticity is poor. If this is the case, other surgical procedures designed to remove excess skin might be required. These surgical procedures leave larger scars. This will be discussed with you if it is felt you might benefit from such surgery. ...(more info available with login)